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Dr. Rahul Kaiche - Best Cardiac Surgeon in Nashik

Dr. Rahul Kaiche has been working diligently for the last 2 decades and has become the best cardiac surgeon in Nashik based on his expertise and reputation for performing procedures with a high success rate. He has successfully treated more than 6000 paediatric and adult cardiac diseases patients, as well as more than 200 patients with heart function less than 20% ejection function, with a success rate of more than 99.5 percent. He has successfully performed multiple cardiac surgery in Nashik, with a 99.44 percent overall success rate in the CABG group. He is dedicated to his profession and always gives it his all.

Dr. Kaiche has worked with some of the world’s greatest hospitals, including Kings College London, the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, and the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, making him the best cardiac surgeon in Nashik. For his contributions in the sector, he was also awarded the Dr. Vasantrao Gupte Memorial Service Award (2011) and the Maharashtra Bhushan in 2011 by the Social Welfare Trust Mumbai. He has also contributed to society by striving to improve the lives of rural people and Adivasi. He is the Director of Shri Gurudatta Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Karanji, Dist Nashik, an educational trust for Adivasi and rural kids.




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